Pittsburgh Cares' Community Service Program

**Please note that the Community Service Program is not taking any new participants until further notice**


The Pittbsurgh Cares' Community Service Program provides comprehensive case oversight for adults and juveniles referred by the courts to complete community service. Specifically, our program staff matches clients to hundreds of qualified community nonprofit organizations that are willing to accommodate court ordered individuals. In addition, our program provides the court with a detailed report verifying that all hours were conducted at an approved community organization and that the work performed served to benefit the community at large.

Please note: Individuals who have been convicted of or charged with any crime involving or relating to child abuse or neglect, child pornography, child abduction, or any other violent offense, including kidnapping, rape or any sexual offense, or who have ever been ordered by a court to receive psychiatric or psychological treatment in connection with such crime or crimes are NOT permitted to register on this site under any circumstances.

What to Expect

Our staff will go over the court-ordered referral and help you determine the best course of action through an in-person interview.

What Do I need to Do Before Scheduling an Appointment?

· Bring a copy of your order from the court that states the number of hours needed and the due date.

· Bring a money order for $90 for adults and $75 for juveniles under the age of 18 for orders up to 50 hours. An additional $1 per hour fee will be charged for orders exceeding 50 hours.

· Bring a valid ID card (PA driver’s license, PA ID, or passport).

· Bring all of the above and complete an in-person interview at our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll over the phone?

No, you must schedule an appointment to come to our offices in person to complete payment, paperwork, and assess the court ordered papers.

I’m under 18; do I need a parent/guardian to come with me?

Yes, your parent/guardian must sign the waiver agreement.

Where are your offices located? When are you open?

Our office location:

3505 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


What forms of payment do you accept?

We ONLY accept money orders. There are no fee negotiations or fee waivers.

Why do I have to pay a fee to complete my hours?

The fees you pay helps to cover operating costs including the time it takes to interview, assess paperwork, monitor your progress, coordinate your placement with an agency, and provide you with a completion certificate and report to submit to the courts or appropriate party.

Can I choose where to complete my community service hours?

Yes, to an extent. Our staff will assist you to determine the placement that will best suit your needs based on the court orders and any other restrictions.

If there is a site where I would like to volunteer, may I do my community service hours there?

Only if the organization is an active partner of Pittsburgh Cares. If not, we will provide you with an agency agreement that the organization must fill out. After we verify and approve the agreement, you may complete your community service hours there.

Can you give me an extension (past due date) to complete my community service hours?

No, only the courts may extend the court ordered deadline you were give.

I received an extension from the courts, what happens next?

You must bring the new order form provided by the courts to our office before your initial due date.

I’ve completed my hours. What do I do?

You will bring your completed timesheet to our office in person where you will receive a date stamped copy for your records, and we will submit the paperwork accordingly.

What fees do you charge?

Adults $90 per case (up to 50 hours with a $1 per hour fee for orders exceeding 50 hours)

Juveniles $75 per case (up to 50 hours with $1 per hour fee for orders exceeding 50 hours)

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, or checks of any kind; and we do not offer fee waivers.

Do you still have questions? Please call (412)-471-2114 or email Riley Baker at rbaker@pittsburghcares.org

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